Naturist Beaches in Ionian Islands (Part 7)


As promised in my last post, the journey into the Greek naturist islands continues. In part 7, we look at the Ionian Islands, specifically its naturist beaches; what to do there and the best each beach has to offer. The Ionian Islands (namely Corfu, Lefkada, Zakynthos, Paxos, Kefalonia, Ithaca and Kythira) border the Ionian Sea located off the western coast of Greece. A Greek holiday in the Ionian Islands is almost like a fantasy given each island’s unique features including white sandy beaches, charismatic villages and crystal clear sea waters. A closer look at the naturist beaches and the beauty becomes clearer. 
Ionian Islands Map
Mirtiotissa is Corfu’s official nudist beach. One finds it on the island’s western coast which is characterized by high scaling rocks that divide the beach into three. The central part of the beach is mainly textile with the left and right edges of the beach purely naturist. The nearby naturist boat provides excellent nudist recreation (nudist sailing) for those who’ve had enough of sunbathing. Mirtiotissa is commonly referred to as Corfu’s naturist paradise and stands tall among Europe’s most beautiful beaches. Corfu also provides accommodation exclusively for nudist couples at the Villa Atraides quite close to the sea. 

Mirtiotissa Beach
Kefalonia is perhaps the most popular of the islands because of the filming of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Apart from the beautiful regular beaches, Kefalonia hosts Spithi, a nudist beach found at the southernmost end of the island. This sand filled beach has great weather and generous area for recreation as well as tavernas and cafes. Myrtos is a popular beach on the island. It is partly textile with some areas around the beach almost nudist, such as the northern end of the beach. The shingles at the beach make beach shoes a necessity. This sand devoid beach offers a spectacular view of the sunsets thanks to its western bearing. Proximate sites worthy of attention around the island include the Drogarati cave, Lake Karavomylos and the Melissani water cave. Kefalonia is also home to the Vassaliki Naturist Club endowed with a resort and self-service apartments to the delight of its visitors. The Paleolinos beach is another non-textile beach on Kefalonia Island; so is the Mouda beach. The icing on the cake is the Luxury Greek Naturist Cruise giving tourists an up close view of the deep blue sea water in a relaxing environment. 
Kefalonia Beach
Naturism in Lefkada Island is celebrated on Kathisma beach; popular for its sporty nature. The color of the sea is the main attraction as the sea gives way to various hues from deep blue to turquoise depending on the distance from the mainland. Nudism on this long stretch is concentrated on the southern end of the beach. Camping and watersports mainly paragliding are among the popular activities at the beach. The beach is easily accessible with daily bus rides from the town right into the beach. 
Lefkada Beach Sunset
Hotel Panorama is the premier naturist venue in Zakynthos Island with a close proximity to the sea. Its large swimming pool is a sight to behold, nudist of course. Likewise, it is from this family run hotel that one gets several stunning views of the island from different angles. The real deal is at the Gerakas beach which has a secluded naturist spot towards the end. 
Navagio Beach Zakynthos
Ithaca, Kythera and Paxos islands also have naturist beaches and spots on textile beaches that are nudist but not enough information is available for visitors to confidently approach the beaches naked. This however does not reduce the appeal for naturism at the Ionian Islands given the wealth of naturism present at the previously mentioned places. The Ionian Islands add an exciting twist to naturism giving one alternatives and a wide variety to choose from when it comes to holiday and recreational activities. Fun at this particular area in Greece is for everyone though the couples seem to get a bigger share of the activities and facilities. 
Lefkada Beach
After the exhilarating exploration of the Ionian Islands, Cyprus is next in this continuing series looking into naturism and beaches that uphold naturism in Greece. As we look at naturist beaches in Cyprus, we give reasons as to why naturism here is worth a second, third and umpteenth look, where it is located, who can visit, how to get there and what other attractions and activities naturist beaches in Cyprus have to offer.

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