Naturist Beaches in Saronic and Sporades (Part 6)

The article about naturist beaches in the North-East Aegean Islands emphasized the beauty and serenity offered by these one of a kind beaches in Greece. This next post in our naturist beaches series goes on to show that the list is endless in our quest to showcase the best of beaches in the Aegean Sea. Saronic and Sporades groups of islands have a breathtaking landscape and a bit of Greek history too. These islands are sparsely populated and tourists are known to visit all year round. The beaches are not that crowed and the locals are peaceful and friendly. Saronic islands and Sporades are a perfect getaway for sea lovers and much more for the naturist followers. Mostly frequented by Athenians, the Saronic Islands are very close to Athens. Aegina, Hydra, Spestes, Agistri, Poros and Salamina make up the Saronic Gulf island beaches. The islands are accessible any time of the year as the Saronic Gulf has great weather all year round. As a result, the beaches are always occupied. Dragonera Naturist Beach Agistri is an island characterized by beautifully colored beaches. An aerial view of the island can be mistaken for a painting. One gets to the island via the ferry or by air. The Small and Big Dragonera are the most conspicuous beaches on this part of the island. The Small Dragonera is most suitable for naturism. Although the Big Dragonera offers hospitality arrangements, it is crowded as opposed to the discreet and serene Small Dragonera. The beach also offers a camping location in the nearby dense pine forest. Agistri Naturist Beach Another nudist beach in Agistri is the Chalkiada beach in the remote Skala region. Perhaps the fun in this beach is enhanced by the adventure involved in getting to the beach. It is a pebble beach located past a pine forest and has zero tolerance for garments. The steep cliff here is a reason for extra caution on this stretch of crystal blue waters. Camping is also common on this part of the island and one can sample local cuisine at the popular Alkioni restaurant. Skiathos Naturist Beach There are several beaches in Poros. However, there are very few nudist areas and one has to look for them. The beaches are quiet and have few people visiting. Nude swimming seems to be a popular activity here. Though the other Saronic Gulf islands have excellent beaches with enough amenities, there are hardly any naturist beaches. Sporades, with Skiathos, Alonnissos, Skyros and Skopelos islands, is a sight to behold. The official nudist beach in Skopelos is the Velanio beach. The beach is near Stafylos and one can take a bus ride there from Skopelos. This beach is a haven for relaxation with a few people on it. However, the sun is hot here. You might want to carry your own umbrella, drinks, shades and beach shoes. Apart from swimming, there’s snorkeling with enough fish to keep your eyes satisfied for the entire ride. Little Banana Beach nudists The island of Skiathos is at the edge of the Sporades islands. With over 60 beaches in Skiathos, the main nudist beach is the Little Banana Beach. The history behind this name however, is not known. There are awesome water sports around and some delicious food too. Mandraki Beach, a naturist beach, is also found in Skiathos. Though partly nudist, Mandraki is bordered by gigantic cliffs. Apart from Mandraki and Little Banana, Elias is the other nudist beach. It is never crowded but a bit windy, although there’s excellent weather for swimming. Long walks are a favorite activity for many on this stretch thanks to the sandy nature of the beach. Xanemos, Diamande, Ligharies and Aselinos also on Skiathos Island offer an exclusive spots for naturism. The Unnamed Coves in Skiathos cater for the naturists’ tastes too. Besides, there’s a lot to make the beach memorable for the visitors. Other parts close to the island also have nudist sites and are easy to get to via boat rides such as the Tsougria Islands.

Aegean Sea with island groups The island complexes of Saronic and Sporades in part 6 conclude the Aegean Sea.  The other parts of Aegean were covered in the previous articles about naturist beaches in Greece (parts 2-6). The next article will focus on the Ionian Islands where we will delve into their features, nature and surroundings .We also look at other activities for naturist lovers to indulge in apart from sunbathing.

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