Naturist Holidays meet a Rejuvenating Experience


Do you know that naturist holidays at a naturist beach or a nudist resort can be extremely rejuvenating? Every year thousands of people spend their holidays in naturist beaches because naturist holidays give them complete satisfaction and an unmatched experience. However, there is also a good number of people that dream of such naturist holidays but hesitate or postpone their naturist beach holidays for various reasons.



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corona isolation


We no longer eat together; now we eat separately, in our rooms. Food is brought to us by servers/housekeepers on trolleys of coffee and oatmeal. A bug, a virus, from China, destroyed our communal meals. What did I order last night? Is this mine or is it my S.O.’s? Oh, that’s right, I wrote mine […]

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Coronavirus and naturist holiday thoughts!


It is true that, since coronavirus is spreading rapidly, the last thing that we are thinking of is the summer holidays. At this point, people all around the globe are on lockdown and the measures taken by each country’s government are extremely strict. So, when do you see an end to this struggle? Continue reading

Dare to Bare? Naturist Holidays!


First of all, let’s hope coronavirus is about to get extinct in higher temperatures. This kind of pandemic disease soon became a universal problem. We wish to get a break and get the opportunity to actually break free this summer. So…

…what are you doing for your holiday this year? A Gites in France? A villa in Spain? Camping in Italy? An ‘all-inclusive’ in the Caribbean? Mmmm – OK but how about something different? A holiday that may seem a little ‘risqué’ and one that when suggested to most people causes them to throw up their hands in horror. A naturist holiday?!

Yes – a naturist holiday. One where people spend most of their day lazing in the sun and swimming without any clothes on. It is a serious suggestion so please don’t stop reading. To many people, the thought of being naked ‘in all their glory’ is their idea of hell on earth. “Everyone will be staring at me”; “I’m no longer young and beautiful”; “I’m fat!” are just some of the standard reactions one immediately gets with the suggestion of a naturist holiday.

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No Shame Just Freedom


Nudity and Sex in Advertising — Vritomartis Blog

It is a fact that sex and nudity sells. Sex in Advertising is the use of sexually provocative or erotic imagery (or sounds, suggestions, and subliminal messages) that are specifically designed to arouse interest in a particular product, service or … Continue reading → The post Nudity and Sex in Advertising appeared first on Vritomartis…

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Why nude bathing is better than swimming in a swimsuit

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