Naturist Beaches in Cyprus (Part 8)

As observed in the last post of our continuing series on naturist beaches in Greece, we looked at naturist beaches in the Ionian Islands, which leave one spoilt for choice. The trail of naturist beaches continues with a twist when we look at naturist beaches in Cyprus. Now, Cyprus is not part of Greece; but the population there is mostly Greek and they practice Greek culture and lifestyle. In general, the ethnicity is mainly Greek. 

The weather in Cyprus is awesome and remains so all year. The sun is out as early as half past five in the morning and last for the better part of the day. If you need a tan while on holiday, then Cyprus is the place to be; and when it comes to Cyprus beaches, everyone’s taste is represented; from family to private, sandy to pebble filled, busy to secluded beaches, you name it they have it. The nudist beaches are there in plenty and naturist spots too. 
Akamas - Lara Bay, Turtle Beach
Lara Bay Akamas offers an excellent nudist beach. It is found on the north-west coast of Cyprus. Though there’s a sign post to show you that you have arrived at your destination, you will probably need a four-wheel drive to get through the rough terrain and into the crystal clear water and soft sand. The beach is almost uninhabited therefore sunbathing is uninterrupted and textile-free. Furthermore, it is famous for its green turtle conservation efforts hosting the Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station. The station is a great alternative to sunbathing (with clothes on of course!). 
Governors Beach
The other nudist beach is near Governor’s beach. Located a few hundred meters past the Sofroniou Beach Restaurant’ sign, the place is hard to get to but worth all the trouble. This purely nudist beach has a mix of pebbles and sand. Like Lara, this beach is almost deserted with very tourists who are mainly interested in naturism. Hiking is a thriving activity here, given the extensive meadows in the background. 
Agios Georgios Coves
Agios Georgios Coves are a favorite among nudists with towering cliffs offering the much needed privacy. It located 15 minutes from Coral Bay and one can get some really nice mementos from photos taken at this picturesque landscape. Though there are elaborate plans to develop villas on its border, there’s still plenty of space for everyone.
Latchi, Cyprus Blue Lagoon
Latsi is another naturist friendly area. However, one has to be careful here as there are the partly nudist and purely nudist areas. It is a good thing they have signs to show this. The partly nudist area allows for ladies to go topless, nothing more. Going nude here is considered offensive; plus there will be too many prying eyes for your liking. The locals exceed the number of tourists thus peace and quiet is not something the areas have in abundance. However, if one is daring and courageous enough, they can opt for the more secluded area past the mountains and forest which is more private. 
From the above, Cyprus beaches establish themselves in the list of exquisite naturist beaches. The excellent weather adds zest to these already spectacular sites which are recommended for all naturists. 

Cyprus completes the trail of naturist beaches on the Greek islands. The adventure then takes us to the Greek mainland where we explore more nudist spots. The mainland has a lot to offer and we look at this in the next part of our continuing series. 

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