Coronavirus and naturist holiday thoughts!


It is true that, since coronavirus is spreading rapidly, the last thing that we are thinking of is the summer holidays. At this point, people all around the globe are on lockdown and the measures taken by each country’s government are extremely strict. So, when do you see an end to this struggle?

So this is Paul typing. And for the last 5 days, I’ve been thinking of whether I should cancel my summer holidays. Covid-49 is totally serious and, even though I am positive on a daily basis, I don’t know if I will be ok the idea of travelling around Europe while the virus is still spreading. I am following the instructions given by my country and I try to keep away from crowded places. I work from home and I’ve always been keeping my hands clean. So, how much longer should I be on lockdown?

Don’t get me wrong guys. I am scared of this coronavirus. The only reason I am talking about holidays at this point is because you only get one summer per year. And my naturist vacation have always been exquisite.

As I’ve gotten informed, many naturist resorts around the world will continue to monitor, assess and act on the information and guidelines available as far as the Covid-19 hotel restrictions are concerned. Their hygiene standards are even more so enhanced, based on the latest coronavirus guidance from international and local authorities.

So I am thinking… what the heck! If things actually go wrong then I will build a pool in my apartment. Otherwise, I will go on vacation to Crete. I will spend my summer in heaven. Cautiously of course. And maybe for not so many days. But I will find peace with myself this year as well.

What do you guys think?


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