About Me

This blog is intended to post, about nudism & naturism issues, as well as information about nudist and naturist resorts from all over Europe.

I like travelling and meeting people. I like to share my experiences with other co naturist travellers. I’ve been in many naturist beaches around Europe but most of all I love Greece. Greece has many nudist beaches (not all formal) but you won’t have any problem as they’re really cool people. I’ve met many Greeks while travelling, especially in Crete. They’re not fan of nudism but they have no problem at all with it. They’re always friendly and looking always ways to make you feel like home.

The reason i created this blog is to help me communicate and get in touch with other fellow naturists and share my passion and way of life with them. I hope for your comments, so that I can improve this blog. You can get in touch with me and keep updated through my twitter account #PGrahamn.

16 responses to “About Me

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    Great blog, my nudist friend! I’m following you now! I’ll visit here often. Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


  2. Amazing blog! I wish I had read it more carefully before I went to Croatia two months ago. Well, it’s not too late. 🙂


  3. Great blog, greetings from Majorca


  4. Nice blog, will be following it as I frequently spend my nudist vacations in Europe.

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  5. Very nice blog. I hope to travel to Europe one day. Seems the Europeans have a must better attitude towards nudity! Everyone should check out your blog before traveling!

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    • Really happy you liked my blog! I haven’t been anywhere but Europe for naturist holidays but everything here is magical.


    • Jan Christensen

      Suzie, you are definitely right about the open minds of the Europeans. In my country, Denmark, you are by law allowed to be nude at any beach, except two. And we do have 7.000 km of coastline. So go to Europe and bare with me, Jan

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  6. I like to visit Greek Isalnds too – was on Crete many times, on Corfu twice, on Naxos and Mykonos. It’s nice there and you always find a place at the beach to be nude. I will send you my photo @twitter – keep it nude – shaverxxx – Bernie from Switzerland.

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  7. The holidays are probably the one season I don’t do nude activities. Hopefully this year I can change that.


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