Naturist Beaches in Greece: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

Naturist Beaches In Greece

Picture yourself lying on a comfy sandy beach, where the little tides of the cool sea cycling at your bare feet while gently massaging them, your skin glistening with water and the sun mildly warms your body, as a gentle cool breeze gently blows across the surface of your bare skin. This gently form of relaxation can only be equated to meditation – when the body resonates at the same frequency and rhythm as the mind. While floating in the warm sea where you feel nothing but the clear water gently splashing around you, it perfectly feels like the water literally washes away all traces of stress from your mind. This is truly a natural way of relaxation, for humans.

Now, that is what a naturist holiday feels like – a delightful, natural feeling guaranteed to relax men and women from countries around the world. The increasing number of people visiting naturist beaches in Greece and other similar places evidence this. The ancient Greeks take credit for inventing nudism – not only did they practice all their games naked, but also carved some interesting nude statues. To date, the modern Greeks have not abandoned this tradition. With their marvelous hospitality, they are very tolerant to naturism and naturists.

Nudist beaches in Greece

Apparently, Greece is the origin and remains the best among popular destinations for naturists and nudists from around the world. This may be attributed to the country’s numerous beaches where naturists can enjoy the sun in the buff. Popular naturist beaches in Greece include those in regions like Crete, Cyclades, Dodecanese and Ionian islands. Naturist beaches in Greece are official nude-friendly – where naturists from across the world love to flock and have a moment of relaxation. The next post is going to cover specific regions in Greece where you can find very accommodating naturist beaches, such as Crete, Cyclades, among others. Follow me to find out more. – You can now find part 2 here  Naturist Beaches in Crete.

9 responses to “Naturist Beaches in Greece: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

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  2. Excellent post. I look forward to more details.


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  4. Just returned from Greece, just spent a lovely couple of days at Voidokilia beach. Naturism is fine at far side of cove below castle. Just us and German couple plus a couple of Greek guys who kept to themselves.


  5. Very helpful. We have just returned from Peleponnese, Voidokilia beach typified Greek attitude to naturism…v. Quiet at far side of bay.


    • I am really glad that you liked it. If you ever go to Greece again i have written articles for all the naturist beaches you can see there according to the region. I hope that these will help you the next time you go there.


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