Why nude bathing is better than swimming in a swimsuit

The hassle of frequently disinfecting your swim suit, shopping for one, getting the right size, worrying about infections and much more end up causing stress. There is an alternative for that, on those hot days especially during summer a bathing without any layers of clothing is relieving consequently leaving your body relaxed.

Bathing without any clothes on can be beneficial in many ways, in some cases; bathing nude can keep your health in check.  What are the advantages of bathing naked over bathing with a swim suit you may ask?

Healthier Skin

At the moment skin is a factor considered when gauging beauty and no one wants to be caught on the wrong side. When you sweat, your body releases toxins from the blood to the skin then gets washed away by water. These toxins can also be reabsorbed back into the skin if not eliminated. The tight swim suit keeps the toxins on your skin even after bathing, and they end up being reabsorbed into the skin. This makes your skin weaker and looking older.


More Relaxation

After being out all day and with a sweaty skin, a relaxing bath that has contact with every part of your body is more relaxing than bathing with a swim suit. The blood vessels also contract and relax easily allowing blood to flow freely in your body giving you that relaxing feeling. The heart health also improves due to smooth blood flow.


Swim suits health hazards

Swim suits are likely to harbor bacteria that may cause infections such as swellings and pimples in the body. Bathing with a swim suit is like a trigger for bacterial illnesses. The swimsuit may have bacteria in them that are difficult to be off when taking a bath in them. They also cause red pressure marks on the skin after being worn for a long time. The tan lines can be itchy sometimes. Shopping for a swim suit can also be tricky since they consume a lot of time when looking for the right size.

Finally, nude bathing loads your body with vitamin D. Soaking yourself naked in water for about ten minutes will give your body more ability to absorb more vitamin D from the sun.

Dumping your swim suit is not a bad idea at all. Nude bathing can help you keep your health in good shape and leave your body relaxed.





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  2. Being at the beach and at the pool nude is a pleasurable experience –
    not to mention healthier – physically, mentally and emotionally. Wearing clothing at the beach and/or at the pool is absurd and uncomfortable.
    Doing almost anything in the nude is a better experience, by far, that doing it with clothes on. All once has to do is to try it to know that immediately!

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