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Our First Contact With Minoan Civilization And Hotel Vritomartis By George And Elizabeth.


We will tell you about our first visit to Crete and hotel Vritomartis. It happened at the end of June in the summer of 2013. Μe and my girlfriend Eli left for the dream island of Crete. Due to the long road we chose to travel by bus to Athens and then by ferry to the second largest city of Crete – Chania. After a long journey on motorways we arrived at Athens and we got on the ferry. After a romantic night on the ship “Eliros” we landed at the port of Souda in Chania town in the early morning. We got on the bus that takes us to the small town of Chora Sfakion. Road passing through a passage of the majestic mountain Lefka Ori. The moment we stepped on Crete we were fascinated by the grandeur and beauty of the largest island in the Mediterranean.

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Nude Beaches – The Ultimate Guide By Vritomartis Blog

Nude Beaches - The Ultimate GuideNude beaches differ from other general entertainment and personal recreation spots in that they allow anyone the freedom to go naked whenever they deem it fit. There are rules of course, but these are essentially meant to ensure the comfort and optimal enjoyment of the users. Over the years, nude beaches have become acceptable and legal in the face of the public and the authorities and are even protected by the powers that be. In addition to that, people have slowly become open to the idea of swimming, walking and frolicking around in the nude, something you might be quite familiar with. If you enjoy the natural freedom of going all out naked, then nude beaches are the perfect place to start.

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Vritomartis Press Release 2015

Crete, Greece – Vritomartis Naturist Resort opened its doors for many excited naturists on April 24, 2015 and will continue to provide quality services to many more until closing on October 26, 2015. With over 161 beds in 85 beautifully crafted rooms, Vritomartis strives to have accommodations to satisfy all individuals.


This last year, recent renovations took place in public areas such as the pool bar, restaurant and the reception area. Smaller renovations also took place in other areas to offer modern, beautiful, relaxing and eye-appealing accommodations.

Vritomartis Newly Renovated Reception

Vritomartis Newly Renovated Reception

As Vritomartis General Manager Nikos Dourountakis quotes: “We tried to modernize our facilities without losing our traditional character“.

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I Went to a Nude Comedy Show

A few weeks ago, I found an email in my inbox with the subject line: “THE NAKED COMEDY SHOW RETURNS.” I opened it and learned that I was on the email list for a nudist Meetup group that I don’t remember joining. The email was an invitation to a nudist comedy show, which required everyone involved, including the audience, to be in the buff. I bought my ticket on the spot.

Even though I was a part of this Meetup group (which, again, I really don’t remember joining), I hadn’t thought much about nudism—but the movement is very important to some people. Nudist events first gained popularity in America in the 1960s, when nude beaches were popularized and Americans started to push back on Puritanical attitudes toward nudity (though there was a long history of nudism before that). Today, according to the Young Naturists of America, there’s a “generational gap” in nudist circles. That is to say, millennials aren’t that into it.

I enjoy being naked in the comfort of my own home, probably more than the average person. The only time I’m not naked in my apartment is when I have company over, or when I’m frying food in the kitchen—it took an oil burn on my chest the size of a third nipple to learn this lesson. In the past, I wore underwear in my sleep due to an irrational fear of spiders crawling up my vagina, but have since overcome this fear by the possibility of a thousand spider eggs hatching inside me. I am purportedly infertile, so that could be my only real chance of motherhood.

As much as I like being naked at home, I have an entirely different attitude about being naked in public. Of course, most people do. While we are generally a nation that agrees a bare human body is inoffensive, we still prefer that bare body stay indoors or on our television and movie screens.

Advocates for social nudity are obviously aware of all this, and thus keep their public nudity within the confines of private property. This comedy show was no exception: It would take place inside a rented-out theater space in the San Fernando Valley. Cameras and recording devices were strictly forbidden, while towels were strictly required.

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Take a 30-day challenge and change your life in a month

0c53c65458237e7668bbaf03e0135b4cIs nudism something you’ve always meant to try, wanted to experience, but just haven’t? Here’s a suggestion – Try it for 30 days.

It has been said that it only takes a month to create a new habit, introduce something new into your life that you will stick with or to break a bad habit for good. Doing any of those things has the power to change your life for the better.

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How I Became A Nudist Through Raelianism and GoTopless by YNA

2012 GoTopless Rally in D.C. Photo: www.gotopless.org

2012 GoTopless Rally in D.C. Photo: http://www.gotopless.org

The first thing people ask me when they find out I’m a nudist is, “When did you become a nudist?”

The easiest way I can explain it is that being a member of the International Raelian Movement helped me get more comfortable with my body and therefore nudity in general. Raelians believe that the body is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all different, unique and beautiful and should feel comfortable in our own skin.

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Nudists hang onto their hats

South African National Naturists Association spokesman Serge Pavlovic said he did not think the decision would be overturned. File photo Image by: JACKIE CLAUSEN

South African National Naturists Association spokesman Serge Pavlovic said he did not think the decision would be overturned. File photo

Naturists preparing to bare all this Easter may have to keep their clothes on if a last-minute decision is made in favour of a group opposing KwaZulu-Natal’s first legal nudist beach.

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Bums away! More than a 1000 swimmers strip off for the third annual Sydney Skinny at Cobblers Beach

The third annual Sydney Skinny saw a record number of people get nude and take a dip. Pictures: Troy Snook

The third annual Sydney Skinny saw a record number of people get nude and take a dip. Pictures: Troy Snook

ONCE upon a time in Sydney, a hemline higher than a woman’s knee was considered outrageous.

These days, a thousand people can strip off starkers and swim in the ocean and no one bats an eyelid.

In fact, most people who have bared all for the Sydney Skinny at Cobblers Beach on Sunday say the clothes-free event is the highlight of their year.

This was definitely the case for solicitor Rita Felton, who got her gear off for the third annual swim.

“It was fantastic. The weather was perfect and I had a really great time,” the St Leonards resident said.

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Nudism and Values At Young Naturists and Nudists America

Ask Not What The Young Naturists Can Do For You Personally!

Prompted by a discussion in our main Young Naturists and Nudists America FB group:

Jordan’s Views On YNA and Nudism:

I co-founded Young Naturists America about four and a half years ago. While my partner in crime, Felicity Jones, is a bona fide third-generation nudist, my parents had never identified as nudists or naturists. As a kid we would travel around the USA and when possible, we would stay at nudist resorts / naturist campgrounds.  They never pressured us kids but I guess we just took it as an opportunity to run around and have fun with other kids (back then there were lots of kids in naturism).

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As nudism fades in Louisiana, one campground nakedly perseveres


To celebrate her 40th birthday, Tracia Kraemer decided to get naked in public. It was 2008, and Kraemer, a single mother, was living on the north shore. For years, she had been curious about Indian Hills Nudist Park, a secluded 55-acre campground on U.S. Route 190 in Slidell. When her birthday arrived in mid-July, she decided to drop by.

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