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Naturist beaches in Greece – Overview

Greece Nudist Beaches

Naturism is a deep rooted culture in Greece and a practice that has rubbed off to other citizens in different parts of the world. More and more people are just getting to discover this age old culture and hence the importance of this series of posts. We have been looking at the naturism culture in Greece with special focus on the naturist beaches. The recurring memo from these posts has been the relaxed feeling naturist beaches have to offer when one is on holiday. Of all the countries in Europe with the best holiday destinations, Greece is one of the best with the beaches to match.
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Naturist Beaches in Greek Mainland (Part 10)

Orange Beach, Halkidiki

In our last post, we looked at some of the naturist beaches in Greek mainland; tackling the mainland areas of Attica, Evia and Peloponnese. As already established, Greece can be intimidating when selecting a nudist beach for an awesome sun-soaking holiday. Rather than being a weakness, this wide array of nudist beaches ensures one settles for a holiday destination that best suits one’s needs. On that foundation, we continue to give you an incisive look at the naturist beaches in the rest of Greek mainland. These are the areas of Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly.
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Naturist Beaches in Greek Mainland (Part 9)

After concluding the exploration of naturist beaches in Greek islands in part 8 of our series, naturist beaches in Cyprus, we proceed to Greek mainland. Greece is a relatively vast area and to ensure we examine all of mainland comprehensively, we shall look at naturist beaches in one half of Greece in this post and the other half in our next post. Part 9 indulges naturists with the best of naturism in Peloponnese, Attica, Evia and Central Greece as part 10 takes care of the rest of Greek mainland.
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Naturist Beaches in Cyprus (Part 8)

As observed in the last post of our continuing series on naturist beaches in Greece, we looked at naturist beaches in the Ionian Islands, which leave one spoilt for choice. The trail of naturist beaches continues with a twist when we look at naturist beaches in Cyprus. Now, Cyprus is not part of Greece; but the population there is mostly Greek and they practice Greek culture and lifestyle. In general, the ethnicity is mainly Greek. 
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Naturist Beaches in Ionian Islands (Part 7)


As promised in my last post, the journey into the Greek naturist islands continues. In part 7, we look at the Ionian Islands, specifically its naturist beaches; what to do there and the best each beach has to offer. The Ionian Islands (namely Corfu, Lefkada, Zakynthos, Paxos, Kefalonia, Ithaca and Kythira) border the Ionian Sea located off the western coast of Greece. A Greek holiday in the Ionian Islands is almost like a fantasy given each island’s unique features including white sandy beaches, charismatic villages and crystal clear sea waters. A closer look at the naturist beaches and the beauty becomes clearer. 
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Naturist Beaches in Saronic and Sporades (Part 6)

The article about naturist beaches in the North-East Aegean Islands emphasized the beauty and serenity offered by these one of a kind beaches in Greece. This next post in our naturist beaches series goes on to show that the list is endless in our quest to showcase the best of beaches in the Aegean Sea. Saronic and Sporades groups of islands have a breathtaking landscape and a bit of Greek history too. These islands are sparsely populated and tourists are known to visit all year round. The beaches are not that crowed and the locals are peaceful and friendly. Saronic islands and Sporades are a perfect getaway for sea lovers and much more for the naturist followers. Continue reading

Naturist Beaches in North-East Aegean Islands (Part 5)

Exploring naturist beaches in Greece is an exciting adventure that never seems to end. This is obvious from the previous posts in our series naturist beaches in Greece. After reconnoitering Cyclades beaches, this next part now looks at the picturesque islands North-East of the Aegean Sea. There are seven of these mountainous yet forested islands: Samos, Limnos, Thasos, Chios, Samothraki, Lesvos and Ikaria. These islands are sparsely populated and the tourists fairly few. This is part of the allure of these extensive North-East Aegean islands besides the beaches. There are beaches suited to each individual’s taste: family beaches, windsurfers’ beaches, organized beaches and to the theme of this series nudist beaches.

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Naturist Beaches in Cyclades (Part 4)

Naturist Beach Cyclades If you thought that Astipalea, Tilos and Rhodes in Dodecanese in our previous series were a wrap when it comes to the best of Greece’s naturist beaches, then you thought wrong. We now explore Cyclades, a cluster of islands with numerous tranquil beaches for all to enjoy. Naturist beaches in this part of Greece are well secluded and organized with white sands and crystalline stones to the amazement of its tourists. The best beaches in Cyclades promise absolute relaxation even in the populous areas. Continue reading

Naturist Beaches in Dodecanese (part 3)

Naturist beach Dodekanese

Finally after a while digging around for the best places to get a full body tan literally, we’re back with a continuation of the third part of the best naturist spots in Greece. Considering that you may not want to spend all your life recycling the beaches we covered in Crete, there is now an entirely new collection that you can feast on without any clothes on. These are the twelve islands that not only you but other nudists can go and enjoy. To simply put it of all the inventions that the Greeks have come up with over the years, nudism is easily the best and now Dodecanese offers and extra 12 places that you can enjoy this.

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Naturist Beaches in Greece: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

Naturist Beaches In Greece

Picture yourself lying on a comfy sandy beach, where the little tides of the cool sea cycling at your bare feet while gently massaging them, your skin glistening with water and the sun mildly warms your body, as a gentle cool breeze gently blows across the surface of your bare skin. This gently form of relaxation can only be equated to meditation – when the body resonates at the same frequency and rhythm as the mind. While floating in the warm sea where you feel nothing but the clear water gently splashing around you, it perfectly feels like the water literally washes away all traces of stress from your mind. This is truly a natural way of relaxation, for humans.

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