Clothing optional. Of uselessness of clothes

Naked and Happy

Waking up with the sun at around 5AM this early Spring morning, I went to the kitchen to get my first coffee. As every day, I did not bother to dress. I sleep naked every night, and rarely bother to get a piece of cloth to breakfast. Coffee done, I went out in the garden, sipping from my mug and feeling the fresh morning air as the sun was just getting out. This was going to be a beautiful and warm day. I would not be able to soak in the sun today as it was a working and busy day for me. However, working from home, this was going to be another naked day.

While I was breathing deeply, the thought of clothes and their uselessness came to my mind. At the exception of coldness and moral (disputable) reasons, why would you want to wear clothes? Cold was a…

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