I promised several people I would write about Nudefest, the UK’s biggest clothes-optional (but largely clothes-free) festival. It is easy to find out some basic information about the week from the British Naturism website, but from a non-BN member’s perspective, in my opinion, it’s a little hard to find out what’s it’s actually like to attend. Experiences are often written up in BN’s magazine but this is only available to members once they’ve joined. Given that I went to Nudefest before joining BN, I feel this is a bit ‘wrong way around’, so here’s my blog where anyone can read it.

This blog got a little long, but was fun to write given that almost everything to do with my time at Nudefest has been a brilliant life experience 🙂

The Event

Nudefest is an annual week-long festival at Newperran Holiday Park near Newquay, Cornwall in July. Newperran is a regular caravan and camping park, 40 acres in size. For comparison, if Newperran were a fully clothes-optional venue it would be the second biggest such venue in the UK after the Naturist Foundation in Kent. Newperran has all the facilities you would expect of a large holiday park: a large bar that can be converted to include a dance floor and live music, restaurant, shop, large indoor swimming pool, children’s play area, multiple bathroom-shower-washing facilities, greens for picnics/games, and static caravans available for rent as well as room for 400+ guests with vans or tents.

Nudefest is a BN event, and as such big discounts are available for BN members BUT Nudefest is open to everyone, whether they be single, couple, or family. Unfortunately, Nudefest week falls outside the school holidays which is a shame but the bottom line is that no-one is excluded or left out. It’s only for one week of the year, but statistically it’s the best week weather-wise. The second week of July is the warmest week on average. Of course this is the UK, so averages don’t mean very much! Chances are good though for decent weather. In 2013 we had not a cloud in the sky all week with temperatures in the mid to high 20s. The year before we had…not such good weather 😉 The bad certainly makes you appreciate the good though!

The dress code covers the entire park and is 100% clothes-optional everywhere. Saying this, the majority of folks attending take the clothes-free option primarily because of the event’s status as the UK clothes-free summer holiday. This has its good and bad side from a perspective of a first-time visitor to a social naturist event. It’s certainly good in that no-one will bat an eyelid at anyone choosing to be clothes-free. In fact you can be so all week if you like! It does make for a very ‘full on’ experience though. It’s not unusual for almost everyone to be nude in the bar in the evening (albeit many sporting wraps or such-like) for example as well as for activities like sun bathing or swimming. This is not the case at some naturist venues. I should also say that the clothes-optional dress code also covers all the activities that take place away from Newperran, be it organised visits to attractions, walks, or beach days. All of these are organised with venues in advance and agreed. The only time at which clothing is absolutely required is in travelling to and from external activities or non-organised personal trips outside Newperran. This includes walking locally. Please don’t surprise the locals!

I’ll give some examples of activities and trips in a while but I need first to say this…Naturism is naturism, which means this holiday is about having the opportunity to be clothes-free and having the respect of everyone else at the venue. It also means visitors must be comfortable themselves with seeing people nude. That’s it. ALL other values we hold are the same. This is NOT an excuse for taking things towards a more ‘liberal’ extreme. Anything else considered indecent at any other time of the year at Newperran is still indecent at Nudefest. All that changes is the dress code. It’s difficult to describe how brilliant that small change makes the holiday…but i’ll try…

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