The Feast

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_0693Today is all flash floods and emergency warnings, but yesterday the only thing pouring down on us from the sky was golden sunbeams and warm breezes. We greeted them on our favorite rooftop sundeck in Chelsea, where going topless or even fully nude is no cause for alarm. And we brought with us an abundance of treats to feast on, both literary and gustatory.

First on the menu: pastries from Sarabeth’s…


…including pain de mie and blueberry corn muffins, tarts with blueberries and tarts with cherries, chocolate-dipped shortbread and chocolate-dusted rugelach, and, to wash it all down, their divine four-flowers juice. Then, once we had all that laid out and gleaming like a dragon’s hoard, one of our number decided we needed something savory and ordered a pizza for delivery.

Yes, a pizza delivery! Just think of the fun we could’ve had with this classic porn movie set-up. The innocent delivery man…

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