Active Naturists are going to Burning Man this year! Camp announced

Active Naturists

Active Naturists are going to Burning Man this year! More details to be released soon – you’ll hear about our camp via this blog. But if, by having read this blog for a while, you already know you’d like to join the camp, please e-mail or leave a comment here!

You only have time until THIS Saturday to create a Burner Profile AND register for ticket sale.

Only then, you’ll be able to buy tickets, which go on sale in one week! (If you think you may be eligible for low income tickets, check the website for more info on that). Ideally, you should aim at buying tickets asap. 40,000 tickets at $390 each, and they got sold out in 45min last year! You may be able to find tickets later in season, but don’t rely on it.

Our camp’s theme…

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One response to “Active Naturists are going to Burning Man this year! Camp announced

  1. The European version of Burning Man is called Going No Where (, it takes place in the Spanish desert near Zaragoza & this year it’ll take place from 7 to 13 July. I’m going this year & as an avid nudist, I’m planning to spend the whole event naked. I was wondering if there are any other nudists willing to join me 🙂

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