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Nude Beaches – The Ultimate Guide By Vritomartis Blog

Nude Beaches - The Ultimate GuideNude beaches differ from other general entertainment and personal recreation spots in that they allow anyone the freedom to go naked whenever they deem it fit. There are rules of course, but these are essentially meant to ensure the comfort and optimal enjoyment of the users. Over the years, nude beaches have become acceptable and legal in the face of the public and the authorities and are even protected by the powers that be. In addition to that, people have slowly become open to the idea of swimming, walking and frolicking around in the nude, something you might be quite familiar with. If you enjoy the natural freedom of going all out naked, then nude beaches are the perfect place to start.

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Nudists hang onto their hats

South African National Naturists Association spokesman Serge Pavlovic said he did not think the decision would be overturned. File photo Image by: JACKIE CLAUSEN

South African National Naturists Association spokesman Serge Pavlovic said he did not think the decision would be overturned. File photo

Naturists preparing to bare all this Easter may have to keep their clothes on if a last-minute decision is made in favour of a group opposing KwaZulu-Natal’s first legal nudist beach.

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No ‘unpredictable erections’ on SA’s first legal nude beach


If you plan to go skinny-dipping at South Africa’s first legal nude beach, make sure you cover up any “unpredictable erections”.

You will also have to ensure that you don’t “dance provocatively”, take photographs without permission, stare at other beachgoers or sit naked on someone else’s beach chair.

These are some of the rules being put in place at Trafalgar beach on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.

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The Issues With Nude Beach Photography by YNA

How Do We Deal With The Legality of Non-Consensual Nude Beach Photography?

Just recently a story began to circulate online about a guy who was caught with a hidden camera at a nude beach called Maslin Beach in Adelaide, Australia. A few beach-goers realized that his cooler had holes in it and that there was a video camera inside. They chased him down and detained him in a “citizen’s arrest,” then called the police.


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Tanline free activism


Why do men have so much difficult to respect my personal freedom on a nude beach? Often it happens that when I’m enjoying the sunshine on the beach, that a man takes pictures of me. You won’t believe how often it happens that a man thinks it’s normal to come and sit very close to me (on a deserted nude beach!) and stare at me for a long time. Is it me? Continue reading

The Do’s and Don’ts of Going To a Nude Beach by Condé Nast Traveler


By Condé Nast Traveler.

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8 Nude Beaches Where We’d Dare to Bare by Condé Nast Traveler

Filaki Beach

Filaki Beach

Whether you’re a newbie to nude beaches or a lifelong naturist, these are the nude beaches that you should visit for a pleasant (and not-weird) experience.

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18 of the Best Nude Beaches in Europe

Filaki Beach

Filaki Beach

American exceptionalism may have gotten us to the moon and back, but when it comes to actually mooning each other (you know, on the beach), we’re not exactly world-beaters. Europe, by contrast, is in a completely different league when it comes to shoreline skinny-dipping.

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