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Let’s get naked By Natalie Rowthorn

The naked body — particularly the naked female body — has carried a stigma with it since the first printing press printed the Bible. In our culture, covering our bodies is the norm.

Naturally, we have evolved socially since then. There was a time when men would gawk over getting a peek at a woman’s ankles. Now, the more cleavage a woman shows, the better.

Remember, it only counts if you saw a nipple.

It is no wonder why we all lose our heads when a female celebrity’s nude photos or sex tape is leaked to the Internet, especially when it happened without their consent. It’s shocking and provocative.

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Yes, I Want My Daughter To See Me Naked … Here’s Why


By Eden Strong

Right off the bat, I want to make it clear I’m not talking about my son in this article. I know some moms might be very pro-nakedness when it comes to teaching their boys that female bodies are more than sex objects but I’m not one of them. I intend to teach him all kinds of respect for the womanly figure but none of those ways will involve him having a mental image of his naked mother.

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The ancient Greeks knew it wasn’t rude to be nude by telegraph

Today’s gym bunnies owe everything to the classical reverence for the naked body, says Harry Mount

From Bondi Beach to Santa Monica, gym bunnies are in search of one thing – a six-pack worthy of Adonis, the Greek god of beauty. It’s no coincidence that we still think of ancient Greece as the natural home to the perfect body, alongside Homer, Doric columns and democracy.

As a forthcoming exhibition at the British Museum will show, the Greeks weren’t just obsessed with athleticism – like you’d expect of the founders of the original Olympic Games. They also revered the naked body, in a way no previous civilisation had. In fact, they combined nakedness with athleticism. “Gymnasium” is derived from the Greek, gymnos, meaning “naked” – the state people exercised in.

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