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Naturist Beaches in North-East Aegean Islands (Part 5)

Exploring naturist beaches in Greece is an exciting adventure that never seems to end. This is obvious from the previous posts in our series naturist beaches in Greece. After reconnoitering Cyclades beaches, this next part now looks at the picturesque islands North-East of the Aegean Sea. There are seven of these mountainous yet forested islands: Samos, Limnos, Thasos, Chios, Samothraki, Lesvos and Ikaria. These islands are sparsely populated and the tourists fairly few. This is part of the allure of these extensive North-East Aegean islands besides the beaches. There are beaches suited to each individual’s taste: family beaches, windsurfers’ beaches, organized beaches and to the theme of this series nudist beaches.

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Naturist Beaches in Cyclades (Part 4)

Naturist Beach Cyclades If you thought that Astipalea, Tilos and Rhodes in Dodecanese in our previous series were a wrap when it comes to the best of Greece’s naturist beaches, then you thought wrong. We now explore Cyclades, a cluster of islands with numerous tranquil beaches for all to enjoy. Naturist beaches in this part of Greece are well secluded and organized with white sands and crystalline stones to the amazement of its tourists. The best beaches in Cyclades promise absolute relaxation even in the populous areas. Continue reading

Naturist Beaches in Dodecanese (part 3)

Naturist beach Dodekanese

Finally after a while digging around for the best places to get a full body tan literally, we’re back with a continuation of the third part of the best naturist spots in Greece. Considering that you may not want to spend all your life recycling the beaches we covered in Crete, there is now an entirely new collection that you can feast on without any clothes on. These are the twelve islands that not only you but other nudists can go and enjoy. To simply put it of all the inventions that the Greeks have come up with over the years, nudism is easily the best and now Dodecanese offers and extra 12 places that you can enjoy this.

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Naturist Beaches in Crete (Part 2)

Filaki Beach

My previous post was about naturist beaches in Greece, with Greeks taking credit for inventing nudism and practicing the tradition to date. This post will highlight naturist beaches in Crete. Despite being allowed in only a few licensed areas throughout Greece, naturism is much tolerated in a number of places. However, most of these places are not only quite beaches, but are also remote.

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Naturist Beaches in Greece: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

Naturist Beaches In Greece

Picture yourself lying on a comfy sandy beach, where the little tides of the cool sea cycling at your bare feet while gently massaging them, your skin glistening with water and the sun mildly warms your body, as a gentle cool breeze gently blows across the surface of your bare skin. This gently form of relaxation can only be equated to meditation – when the body resonates at the same frequency and rhythm as the mind. While floating in the warm sea where you feel nothing but the clear water gently splashing around you, it perfectly feels like the water literally washes away all traces of stress from your mind. This is truly a natural way of relaxation, for humans.

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Reasons to Consider Naturist Holidays

In Europe, the Mediterranean and its surrounding have long accepted naturism. As a result, there is a wide range of activities to perform and several destinations that accommodate naturist holidays in Europe. For instance, France is probably on the forefront when it comes to having the largest naturist resorts, including varieties of resorts for naturist holidays. Its all self-contained nudist city of Cap d’agde is well known for fun nudist activities. 

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Naturist resorts in Europe

For those who are open to the idea of naturism, Europe offers two popular places to enjoy a vacation in a naturist resort: Vritomartis, in Crete, Greece and Cap d’Agde, in France. Continue reading

Dare to Bare! with or without clothes

So what are you doing for your holiday this year? A Gites in France? A villa in Spain? Camping in Italy? An ‘all-inclusive’ in the Caribbean? Mmmm – OK but how about something different? A holiday that may seem a little ‘risqué’ and one that when suggested to most people causes them to throw up their hands in horror. A naturist holiday?!

Yes – a naturist holiday. One where people spend most of their day lazing in the sun and swimming without any clothes on. It is a serious suggestion so please don’t stop reading!!

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The Perfect Holiday in Crete

What makes the perfect holiday? Well clearly it depends on what you like to do for relaxation. Some climb mountains, some like to sail, some like to learn new skills and some simply like to soak up the sun. If like me, you’re a naturist then soaking up the sun completely ‘au naturel’ in wonderful surroundings is ‘The Perfect Holiday’.

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