World Naked Gardening Day

Naked and Happy

Gardening is one of those natural activities that are better done naked. Gardening naked provides a unique feeling of being close to nature, of enjoying deeply our connection to the earth and to the air. The next World Naked Gardening Day is planned for May 7th.

So get your garden in order after winter. Check if all your tools are ready, get some new seeds if needed and plan your day to spend it in your garden enhancing its natural beauty. Spending a day naked taking care of your garden is worth all the meditation and relaxation. It’s healing for your body, soul and mind.

One of the beauties of naked gardening is you do not have to wash any clothes. Gardening involves some “dirty activities” like moving earth and planting seeds, that can strain your clothes. When you are naked, just a shower and everything’s off. Try not to…

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