Nude modeling session: Another entrance, another exit

Naturist Philosopher


This blog post from Jillian Page got me thinking, since it alluded to a favorite Shakespeare line that has a lot of relevance to social nudity. Jillian began with the rhetorical question:

If all the world is a stage and we are merely players who have exits and entrances, as the Bard put it, are you happy with your current role? Are you proud of the part you are playing?

I’ve written here at some length on that exact Shakespearean passage. Check it out.

Jillian is an experienced nude model as well as a naturist. Yet for a recent modeling session, as she prepared for it in the morning,

I was, getting quite introspective and metaphysical about what lay ahead of me that morning.

I wonder now, as I write this five days later, if actors/actresses have thoughts like this before they step out onto the stage, be it a…

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