Celebrity breasts


Georgetown BenchGeorgetown University Campus, Washington D.C., December 2015. No one paid me much mind.

I received this question on Twitter this morning.

When female celebrities show nipple, does it help the cause or hurt it?

My opinion on the value of celebrity bare-chestedness is that it depends, but in the balance, I think celebrities “freeing the nipple” or otherwise going bare-chested or even flashing or having not-so-accidental “wardrobe malfunctions,” though usually motivated by career furthering and not social evolution, does ultimately help people normalize to the sight of the female nipple.

You can’t shock a person twice with the same thing.  So each time someone sees a nipple, it becomes less and less noteworthy.

On the other hand, posing provocatively with bared nipples creates a sexual association which makes it harder to disconnect the female nipple as a sexual object.

As I’ve said before, most topfreedom advocates are not arguing that…

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