What I want to do in nudism before I die

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As a young nudist and nudism enthusiast, I want to do many things naked that don’t involve sex in my life. Here is my nudist wish list.

  1. Swim naked many times, maybe first alone, and sometimes alone, but then preferably in company, as in with family members, friends, romantic partner/spouse, even complete strangers
  2. Sunbathe, because I don’t want any tan lines.
  3. Eat in the nude.
  4. Drive.
  5. Exercise
  6. Hike.
  7. Body painting.
  8. Walk around naked in the rain, at least once, in warmth or heat.
  9. Be nude in nudist resorts, clubs, and beaches as much as I can when visiting them. I want to go to nudist venues several times in my life.
  10. Be naked whenever practical and possible, hopefully, with public nudity legalizing in the future (I do hope it legalizes. Being nude in public is freeing and nice, everyone ought to have this right.)
  11. Have a nudist household without being…

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