Life Lessons – Naked Yoga

art wine rant

Life is full of surprises. There are twists and turns that you never see coming, things happen you can’t plan for, death, your car breaking down, getting fired, opening a bad bottle of red wine, diarrhea and staring into an older overweight ladies ass while she does yoga naked on the side of the pool. It’s not that you want to stare, but when it’s three feet in front of you it’s kinda hard not to.

I will probably have to clarify this. Like I talked about in a prior post, I visited the late Harbin Hot Springs a while ago, before the fire. It was my first and only time to clothing option facility (meaning you will actually feel out of place by wearing clothes). My wife and I were wearing our bathing suits since we were visiting with my mother in law and her boyfriend. Since we were…

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