Thoughts On Why The Body Is Loved

Catholic In The 21st Century

Note: The language in this post could be called “explicit.” I think such language is necessary.

In a previous post (What People Who Are Naked Have To Know), I said this:

There’s a reason God made our bodies so pleasing to the senses: Our bodies bring new life into the world. The beauty and power of life-giving is reflected in the vessels — our bodies — which bring that new life into the world and nurture it.

I’d like to go into that paragraph in more detail:

  1. Sperm comes out of a man’s penis and goes into a woman through her vagina.
  2. 9 months later, a woman pushes a baby out of her body through her vagina.
  3. The woman then nurtures the baby with milk from her breasts.


The reason for that recap of The Facts of Life, is this: The reason the naked body is sexually arousing is…

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