Clothes free yogis you should know February

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

This is the first time we feature acro-yoga and the first time we have a couple in our clothes free yogis you should know series. So here is a special clothes free yoga feature just for Valentine’s Day.

Stacey and her partner Daniel have been together for a year. At first Daniel the base in their acro yoga but now sometimes switch up being base. Daniel would have never taken part in nude yoga before Stacey asked him to help her practice. In that time he has come to see his body as a temple becoming more open and free with his confidence after finding out he loved the yoga and that he has a wonderful body. They live their home life as clothes free as possible. Check out the acro-yoga from Stacey and Daniel clothes free yogis we think you should know.

Hello out there you free people!

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