Top ten nude beaches in the Americas

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The 10 best nudist beaches in America

United States, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina are some countries of the continent with public sectors of coastline enabled nudism. A guide to “naturists” experts and travelers who fantasize alive.

By Irene Hartmann The limit is a sign. It is an imaginary border, but its meaning is broad, and meaning huge. “Bathers naked sight!” Okay … it will not be exactly the phrase printed on the signage, but if we understood well, we would not be far from thinking it through the prism of who is not interested in the activity that brings us together: the nudist beaches. The International Naturist Federation believes that the “naked in common” is “a way of life in harmony with nature”. And they swear that promotes (or should favor …) “respect for oneself, for others and for the environment.


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