poem: i’m dressed today

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Photo 09-02-2016 12 23 42It’s OK
I’m dressed today
I wear a hood and hat
My curly hair
And every care
It masks them just like that

My gloves are on
Sensation gone
I know not what I touch
Sock and shoe
I wear them, too,
As feeling’s just too much

Where are my legs?
The question begs
As pants  touch to the floor
It’s quite a scare
I know not where
I’m going anymore

Upon my chest
Across my breast
A bra reshapes my heart
So you don’t see
The sagging me
That wants to fall apart

Within these lines
No thing defines
The truth of what’s inside
Beneath the shirt
And pleated skirt
My longings run and hide

But It’s OK
I’m dressed today
So no one has a clue
That despite
My greatest might
I fell in love with you

— hontouniheart
9 février 2016

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