Finding out for Yourself

The Naked Truth continues...

Someone else found out for themselves the joys of being naked: Original Post

How Going To A Nude Beach At 59 Empowered Me
by Sandra LaMorgese Ph.D.


“I’m 59 years old–I am not going to a nude beach.” Two of my close friends had been asking me to come with them to their favorite nude beach for months, and each time they asked, I gave them this same answer.

I had never been to a nude beach before, and I was happy to let that trend continue. It wasn’t because I hate my body or am hung up about sexuality–on the contrary, I’m in good shape and when it comes to sexuality, I am more than willing to take risks and try new things.

A nude beach, though, just sounded uncomfortable. Getting soaked and naked with large groups of strangers was an activity I had no interest in whatsoever. Not only…

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