Free boobs; female breasts as commodity


Blog Statue DC Library of Congress, Washington D.C. November 2015. Bare-chested women have long been used by sculptors to represent power. Here, I guess, the sculptor means to show that a bare-chested woman is strong enough (all in the abs!) to ride a dolphin-horse after which she will have to be spit on by a fish to be cooled off. At any rate, the Library of Congress finds the image powerful enough to represent it on the front steps. I appreciate that much!

A YouTube commenter on my M Street walk video wrote to me this morning, “Thanks for the free boobs. I hope you succeed at your quest for the ‘normalization of female bare-chestedness’, cause then we will get free nudes all the time. Seriously, thank you, lady. You’re a hero for all the men who just wanted to see some girl’s boobs. Again, thank you.”

I would like to post my…

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