Towards Eco Friendly Naturism from YNA

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Zero Waste, Conscious Consumption and Eco-Friendly Naturism

What can we do? Introducing The Zero Waste Movement

I have previously written about a few ways that nudies can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and I think waste is something we should all be more conscious of in the naturist community. Respecting the environment is part of our naturist values at YNA (and it’s part of the official INF definition of naturism).

This is where the “Zero Waste” lifestyle comes in. Zero waste is an environmental movement of people that are trying to completely eliminate their trash output.

It’s about taking note of the stuff you consume and throw away, recognizing its environmental impact, and making a sincere effort to reduce it.

Over the last few months, I have been transitioning to a Zero Waste lifestyle. For me, it’s hard to continue consuming plastics and non-recyclable materials after becoming fully aware of…

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