What does nudity do to a person?

Catholic In The 21st Century

The reason for this post is to ask a question.

First, some background:

I thought of the question I will ask after I read this: New Research on Porn Induced Erectile Disfunction


There are tribes of people all over the world (for example: in the Amazon Rainforest) who, for one reason or another, wear little or no clothing. People have been living like this — living in a state of semi- or total nudity — for thousands of years. So, obviously, constant exposure to nudity hasn’t destroyed the males’ ability to reproduce.

My question is:

How can a man living in, say, a tribe in the Amazon Rainforest be exposed to nudity their entire life and, seemingly, not have it effect them, but the moment a man living in the “developed world” sees a scantily clad or naked woman, he can kiss reproduction goodbye?


To give my thoughts…

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