To Bare or Not to Bare ?….that was the question

The Naked Truth continues...

   Nude 1

British people tend to feel uncomfortable naked and are rarely nude in the house or sleeping – and most agree they are too easily offended by sex and nudity. Not only are British people notoriously shy about sex, studies have found that in recent years the nation is having less of it. Due to busy lives, stress and money worries sexual appetites have been in decline; the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, it is said, “came and went”.

A 2014  YouGov Study looked at the naked lives of British people, and finds a general sense of embarrassment over bare skin. 59% of British people are either out-and-out uncomfortable naked, would prefer not to say or are unsure, while 42% are comfortable in the nude. Women (63%) are significantly more likely than men (36%) to feel uncomfortable naked.Additionally, very little time is spent naked in Britain. Only 22% say they often walk…

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