The Power of Peaceful Bare-Chestedness


Blog Mirror DC FC Georgetown, Washington D.C. December 2015. Consider the imperfections of the tools you use to assess yourself. The opinions of others reflect their perception of how you affect their fears, not your actual worth.

I walk bare-chested because I enjoy the feeling of freedom I experience while doing so.  Secondarily, I am working to normalize female bare-chestedness so others have the opportunity to feel the same if they so choose.

Normalizing something doesn’t take much time.  About two weeks, psychologists tell us, if the new stimulus is constant.  That’s about how long it takes us to begin moving on after a house fire or the loss of a job or a break up.  That’s also about how long it takes us to lose the fluttery puppy dog feelings of new love.  Normalization, after all, works in all directions.

Some normalization of course takes much less time, seconds or minutes, and some…

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