Free to be Free: Hontouni Heart’s First Topfree Walk in the City


Rock Creek Intersection “As the fresh air washed over me, I felt relief and that connection with the environment that I had missed dearly. It made a difference feeling like I had a right to be right there, bare-chested, in the presence of everyone else.” ~Hontouni Heart, Rock Creek Park, Washington D.C. December 2015

A couple weeks ago a woman named Hontouni Heart from the Washington D.C. area contacted me and asked if I would join her for a bare-chested walk in Rock Creek Park, Washington D.C.  She told me she was an experienced naturist and nude yoga practitioner, but had never made a bare-chested walk in public. 

We made arrangements and she told me where to pick her up.  It can be hard to find parking in D.C. so we arrived early and took the first space we could find, which happened to be in front of a yoga studio, which happened to…

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