Clothes free yogis work around Instagram rules

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Naked yoga fans find nifty way around Instagram’s strict no-nudity rule

The new craze for stripping off to perform yoga has seemingly allowed women to get round the restrictions, but they also say posting the images is empowering them.

And nude yoga has already turned some of its pioneers into internet sensations.

A striking series of artfully shot images has seen one fan, Nude Yoga Girl, attract almost 60,000 followers on Instagram in just over a month.

Her pictures deliver exactly what the name promises – naked yoga poses captured in beautiful photography.

Nude Yoga Girl says: “I wanted to take off everything unnecessary from the pictures on my account.

“Nudity in social media is a taboo but on the other hand the nakedness and rawness of my photos reflect well what I want to tell people with my account.”

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Curator’s note: The reporter seems to objectify…

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