Finding other topfreedom fighters


Blog Frisbee blog Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NYC. Summer 2015.

A reader wrote to ask how he could meet other topfreedom activists.  I started to reply and realized it was an article topic.

So after staring at the ceiling for a spell, I’ve come to this.  I think the fundamental issue in forming a network of activists is for each individual person in that web to prove and maintain her or his credibility.

That sounds nebulous, but it’s critical.  I was thinking about professional athletes who claim they aren’t role models.  What they mean is they don’t wish to be role models.  They don’t want the burden.

But the reality is that each of us represents what Kant called schemas, a conception of what is common to all members of a class.

So I am a white-skinned, red-haired, 20-something American female. Observers place the elements of my existence in these boxes in their brain, schemas…

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