Total nudity goes down to the feet…

Naked and Happy

While I was basking in the sun naked, I looked at my flip-flops lying next to my lounge chair et found them odd. Why as no clothes were on my body, did I need my sandals to move around? Of course the answer “to protect my feet from hazards” came immediately. Sure, but why not help my feet to protect themselves from those hazards? Why not eliminating this layer of plastic between my body and the earth? It was like an epiphany. Bare feet were a natural element of my nudity. I needed to go back to the house to grab my notepad to ensure this idea was captured before disappearing in a hidden part of my brain. I stood up, waved goodbye to my sandals and went my way bare foot. Never really before did I pay attention to the sensations transmitted by the sole of my feet, the…

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