Can clothes free yoga change body image

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Can naked yoga help me feel better about my body, and will it lead to a better sex life?

We glided through a series of poses until the fateful moment came – it was time to rise from prone to standing. Taking a deep breath, I dropped my sarong to the floor and stood in full, naked glory.

Nothing happened. Nobody rudely stared at my soft belly and no-longer-pert breasts. Thoughts ran through my mind as my confidence bloomed: I’m 50-plus, I’ve given birth to two children. I am strong and invincible. I am woman!

I hadn’t even realised there was another female in the room, apart from our teacher and me. It was reassuring to see that her body wasn’t perfect either, and nor was Annette’s. We were just people: stripped of our outer trappings, bare as babies and kind of beautiful as a result.

Janey went to a…

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