May I have your attention?
This information is for you.
Put this in your dictionary,
Nudity doesn’t mean ‘let’s screw’.
It might do where you come from
But some of us were raised better.
We recognize and accept
The Constitution to the letter.

It guarantees our freedom as
Citizens of this fine nation.
Nowhere does it say nudists should
Be treated with degradation
And blocked from freedom to be
Who they really are at heart.
Denying natural freedoms is
Where fascism gets its start.

If you have been trained in a way
That genitalia is abomination
You’re the one who is indecent
And needs some repatriation.
It’s not like someone naked is
Automatically getting it on.
That’s just inside your mind, so
Only you can make it be gone.

A lot of what you are thinking
And the very thing you are fear
Is not real, it’s irrational
This is…

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