Breasts, race and diversity


Epic Insta Anthony teaching me to drum, DuPont Circle, Washington D.C., Summer 2015

I walk bare-chested because it makes me feel free, happy and empowered.

I want people to see this in my demeanor so they associate bare breasts with health and contentment.

I’ve been having a fascinating, on-going conversation with a multiracial social group about race and language.  It has me thinking a lot about race and breasts.  Equality, after all, means equality.  All forms.  All fronts.

Thinking back, I have had a far stronger positive response from people of color than from white people.  A Pakistani couple in D.C. once stopped me to take pictures and ask questions.  They were very nice and highly intelligent.  They voiced strong support and we had a fascinating conversation about freedom.

African-American men have universally been polite, respectful and supportive.  They have also expressed a lot of curiosity about how I have been treated both…

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