Nudism is for Everyone!

Clothing Optional

i love naturism

Hey friends,

Your nudist friend Buck. I was just thinking about an article I read on one of my pages I follow about how somebody asked about why there are so many white people depicted practicing nudism. I can understand how they feel–since becoming a nudist, I’ve met a good number of older, white people and sadly not as many younger, single, African-American or Asian or other ethnicities as widely emphasized in the world of nudism. Yes, I agree that this is simply because whites (especially older whites) are the majority of people who practice nudism, especially from its heritage around Europe for instance and moving here to North America.

Nobody’s saying that younger whites and blacks or anybody else can’t do nudism, because that’s just false. It’s just that whites (especially older whites) are more commonly known to practice this lifestyle, but really anybody is welcome to enjoy life…

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