My week with #nudity

Naked and Happy

choresWhen you’ve been a nudist for years, a lot of things you do naked become obvious: sleeping, swimming, doing chores, etc. are better done when naked. But when a non-nudist discover those and writes about them, then you realize how not obvious they were and why they became obvious. This is what reveals the author is this post on reddit /r/nudism.

As one of the comments says, it’s like a resort review but it’s not, it’s nudism review, from the fear of being seen to accepting one’s body. There’s nothing wrong with being naked, at home, in nature or anywhere. The only issue is it’s illegal in most countries outside of nudist resorts, camps or beaches. I believe nudity should be legal everywhere and one of the “clothing options”.

If you’ve never been to a nudist resort or wonder whether nudism is for you, you’ll find on my blog…

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