Hiding Vulnerability Behind Clothing

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

Hiding behind clothing, defining who we are to the world through carefully selected styles and brands of clothing, is normal. Wearing clothing has long since become an issue of practicality. Yet, there is a real need for clothing and no wishful thinking will change that truth, in spite of what self-proclaimed “true nudists” assert.

I like being able to be nude at every possible instance. Yet living in Canada and being a person who enjoys being outdoors, I am faced with the reality that, laws or no laws, weather conditions demand that I protect my body from the elements. And then, because I live in Canada, there are laws and community codes that are powerful in limiting just where and when (if at all) I can be nude while in the public eye. No amount of wishful thinking will change change this truth either.

However, when weather and situation are…

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