What Do You Do?

Clothing Optional

stay nude

Hey friends,

Buck here. It’s that time again–summer is coming to a close, and fall is just around the corner. Kind of a sad time for many nudists, including myself.

It’s always a bummer for me when summer ends–the weather gets colder, everybody’s back on the school/work circuit, you just can’t be naked outside anymore and many nudist resorts close their doors for the winter. I’d like to hear from you–what do you like to do to keep your nudist/naturist spirits up when the weather changes and it’s not as easy as it used to be to be your true nude self and be able to converse with fellow nudists?

Stay nude,

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2 responses to “What Do You Do?

  1. Hi Buck. Our skinny dipping group will be renting a local pool for a few winter swims. It will be nice to be able to stay in touch. A few might hold a few house parties so far it’s looking like we’ll take the bite out of winter. Stay Bare. Fabien

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