Take It Off! The Fine Art Of Getting Naked In A Clothed World

Naked and Happy

A Huffpost article on nudism and the many questions it poses. It’s particularly well written, puts on digital paper the never-ending conflict between nudity and sexuality, examines the benefits of nudism, and provides a thorough view of many other questions.

Most of the article though is centered on the themes described in the book Naked at Lunch: A Reluctant Nudist’s Adventures in the Clothing-Optional Worldand details the author’s experiences of naturism. If I disagree with some of the opinion the author expresses, it made me think a bit on what nudism is about and why it may not be widely accepted.

I think it’s great to have external points of view so we, nudists and naturists, can better understand textiles to ensure we all accept each other and end up, one day may be, with society accepting nudity as one possible clothing choice.

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