Clearing up the misunderstanding about #NoBodyShame. No lies. No hypocrisy.

Clothing Optional

this is me

Hey friends,

Recently, somebody just wrote a blog post about my recent message sign/meme about #NoBodyShame, trying to accuse me of lying about being a nudist and having body shame just because I do not have a lot of “pictures that show my face” and not full nudity all over my Clothing Optional internet platforms, and I’m supposedly “setting a bad example”. The link is below.

That is absolutely BOGUS. Just because I keep a low profile and don’t have millions of pictures of myself completely naked for the whole world to see makes me a liar in any way? Or ashamed of who I truly am or who anybody else is? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

For those who have been with me from the beginning, I have been an open nudist since last November, and I have been proud to live the clothing-optional lifestyle ever since. I believe strongly in…

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