Not enough Vitamin D?

A couple of weeks ago The Independent published a story that suggested that Britons were not getting enough Vitamin D.

Apparently ‘gloomy British winters’ do not provide enough sunshine to maintain optimum levels of Vitamin D. Just the winters? It seems people in Britain and Ireland also have to fight against gloomy summers as well.

‘Experts said that the report marked a “sea change” in thinking about vitamin D and was likely to lead to a spike in the sales of supplements, as well as the creation of specially enriched foods.’

Ah! Sell us something and continue down the path of genetically modified ‘Frankenstein foods’, you mean?

That may or may not be the case, and it’s just the cynic in me emerging when I read stuff like this in the media, but we could all probably benefit from more Vitamin D from a natural source -sunlight.

There’s only one…

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