Why naked yoga?! The questions are (almost) always the same.

My crazy life.


You teach WHAT?! What about downward dog?  Why?! Im scared. Im fat/flat/old/hairy/cellulite-y/droopy/scarred/no good at yoga/.… (whatever the adjective).  I bet only toned sexy yogis go! Are the lights on? Really the questions, reactions, conversations are ENDLESS… and I love it!!

So I ask ….. Aren’t you tired of looking in the mirror and feeling those negative feelings?  Wouldn’t you like to feel free?  Feel powerful?

Everyone wants to feel unique in their lives EXCEPT when it comes to our bodies.  Thing is we THINK we are unique, but really we aren’t and I don’t mean that to sound negative.  We all have scars, marks, bumps, lumps…. things.  As we look around the room before, during or after the class we see the confident person with a bigger scar, or smaller breasts and we start to think “if they are confident – I should be too”.  We also see the body…

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