Records and Conversations

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

hh writing pink penSometimes I wonder to myself, “Why am I posting naked pictures of myself on the internet?” Am I some kind of exhibitionist? Do I want attention? What’s the point?” NO. I realized during a writing reflection session that I am sharing my naked soul to create a personal history and to be part of something great.

I find myself searching hard and long for a wide range or balance of stories about clothes free experiences, soulful shares that go beyond sexual posts or piles of judging rants. I look for what this clothes free life does for people on the inside, how it shifts their way of being, what they gain, who they are. But as my yoga teachers say, how can I ask these things of others if I myself don’t contribute? And I’m hungry to create and share soulful conversations.

hh morning tea and tonicA little personal history – When I was a kid my family had a lot…

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