The Way I See It… (In a more descriptive manner)

Clothing Optional

problem with human nature

Hi friends,

Buck’s back! I don’t see why it is that some people are ashamed to be naked or even see nudity. This past week on Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel, I saw a woman who said she didn’t even like being naked around her husband. WHAT??? That’s messed up. I don’t understand why this world we live in has become so up-at-arms about casual nudity.

The way I look at it, if somebody has a problem with nudity, they have a problem with human nature. NEWSFLASH PEOPLE!!! We were not born with clothes on. I’m sure when many of us were kids, we ran around naked–and we had no idea what sex even was, but why would that matter? Nudity really doesn’t have anything to do with sex–unfortunately, the porn world has made so much money on it that this certain image is what most of society widely…

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