Speak Up For Nature

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With the onset of summer comes the warmer days and the glorious sight of plants in full bloom and animals rearing their young, out in the open. Programmes like Springwatch have now run their course and the fields once all bare and muddy are full of crops and full of wildlife. The one thing we notice above everything else is the bright early mornings (as our bedroom faces east) and the sunrise which appears at 4.43 on mid-June mornings.I can’t help but love this time of year as the years pass, warmth tends to aid my creaking bones, you don’t have to put on layer upon layer and sometimes we don’t put on anything at all. What with one thing or another we haven’t managed much walking in the last year or two, which is a pity.

WP_20150616_011WP_20150528_008 SAM_0169

There’s nothing like a walk through the countryside exploring countryside never…

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